Via dei Tulipani, 3/A
Tel.06.9349141 (r.a.) - Fax 06.93491435


Strada nĀ°3
07100 - Predda Niedda (SS)
Tel.079.260665 - Fax 079.262261


Via Cascina Venina, 4/A
20090 - Assago (MI)
Tel./Fax 02.89805088


Historical notes

Micor was established in 1960 as a craft firm for the installation and service of thermotechnical equipment. In 1971 it became a S.R.L. company, improved the staff and enlarge its business nation-wide. Enlisted in the Telecom Italia trusted supplier, its core business became the installation and maintenance of thermo-electrical systems for Telecom Italia sites.
To provide a faster and more efficient service, in 1986 Micor implemented an internal thermo-technical design team. In 1994 this team was merged with the electrical design team for low and medium voltage plants.
Expanding its business, Micor opened a new site in Sassari (in the industrial district Predda Niedda) in 1997 and in Assago (Milan) in 2002.

Head office and sites

Micor has its legal office in Rome, v. Darwin, 480, and its head office in Albano Laziale (RM), in v. dei Tulipani, 3a. The head office resides in a industrial building of 1400 square-meters, 400 of which host the technical, designing, and administration offices. The remaining 1000 square meters are the technical building workshop. In the 6000 square meters area were the head office is located, there is also a 250 square meters carpentry workshop, for general and industrial applications, and a storage building of 300 square meters.

With the aim of efficiency and personalized service, Micor opened a site in north Italy, Assago (MI), composed of 300 square meters of storage facilities and 160 square meters of offices and lodging. Another sites was opened in Sardinia, in Predda Niedda (SS), which is composed of 500 square meters of storage facilities and 200 square meters of offices and lodging.

Main Clients.

The firm operates in advanced civil sector (banks, TLC, hospitals, airports, ministries) and classical civil sector (universities, malls, offices, shops, sports facilities ecc.)
Main clients are: